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Corporate Volunteering with LLF

Setting up a LLF Corporate Volunteer Day works in 4 simple steps:

1. A brief (10-15 minute) interview that will allow us to thoroughly answer your questions and assess which of our programs best suits your goals. Points of discussion include:

  • How many volunteers are there?
  • Which dates/times work best for you?
  • Is there a preference in the kind of volunteer work you’d like to do?

2. Discuss few options at various facilities in the Miami area that best suit your goals.
3. Once you have decided which facility you would like to work with, we will coordinate an available date.
4. All you have to do is show up ready to volunteer! LLF will take care of the rest.

Corporate Volunteer Spotlight Videos

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    Charlie Venturi is one of the few South Beach natives you will ever meet. He was born at Mount Sinai Hospital and currently resides in Bay Harbor. Charlie attended Emory University with Aaron Resnick and works as the managing director of LIVE IT Productions International. Charlie’s boutique event firm specializes in LIVE musical event production all over the world.