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As the leader of a Little Lighthouse Foundation (“LLF”) chapter, you will be helping children and their families who are facing educational, financial and medical challenges. Being in the hospital or in a shelter is not easy, so having helpful volunteers can make a big difference for these children and families! You will also be doing a great service to the volunteers in your chapter who want to get involved but need someone like you to guide them through the process. This is going to be lots of fun and very rewarding, but it will also be some work along the way. LLF relies on you to make a great first impression on our volunteers! You will be hosting volunteers that may also be potential donors or sponsors, so organization and consistency are key. Please remember that the Little Lighthouse Foundation staff are always available to help you and we want to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us at any time along the way.

Chapter Leader Responsibilities:
1. Chapter Leaders are responsible for hosting an average of (12) programs per year, usually once a month.
2. Selection and execution of at least (1) activity per program session.
3. Documentation of all program expenses.
4. Report program attendance.
5. Register a Co-Chapter Leader with LLF during your term.
6. Attend bi-monthly Programming Committee Meetings.
7. Be an advocate for LLF by promoting the foundation and recruiting volunteers when possible.

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    Charlie Venturi is one of the few South Beach natives you will ever meet. He was born at Mount Sinai Hospital and currently resides in Bay Harbor. Charlie attended Emory University with Aaron Resnick and works as the managing director of LIVE IT Productions International. Charlie’s boutique event firm specializes in LIVE musical event production all over the world.